is that naughty Toxoplasma controlling your thoughts?

Things that make you go, whoa! Or, eeewww! From a couple of months ago, Carl Zimmer discusses the topic of his book “Parasite Rex” on his blog. Some things are better not discovered by people like me, who are one step away from becoming Monk.

resources page posted for Tripoli Six

A couple of years ago I recall hearing about a group of international medical professionals doing humanitarian work in Libya, who were arrested and facing the death penalty after children contracted HIV. The Libyans, it seems, thought these volunteer health workers attempted to murder their children or some such.

Well, the world turns and I assumed this tragic misunderstanding would have been long resolved, and the poor souls must have been sent home by now. Wrong! In fact, they’ve been in Libyan prison all this time and their death penalty trial is resuming.

We need to encourage our government to bring diplomatic pressure to bear on this case and save innocent humanitarians from a brutal fate. To find out more about this issue and find sample letters and addresses, you can visit the resources page Declan Butler has posted, and his blog.


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