Al Qaeda in Iraq has just about pissed everybody off

Recently I wrote in this post that al Qaeda in Iraq’s escalation to chlorine bombs has failed to intimidate the people, particularly in Al-Anbar Province. Instead, droves of Iraqis are showing up for new jobs as Iraqi Police. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he means to put ol’ AQI and its lame “Islamic State of Iraq” out of business.

An even better sign that AQI is on a downhill spiral is that even the other terrorists won’t play with them anymore. Bill Roggio discusses an example of this here in his report on the Islamic Army in Iraq dumping AQI. It’s just business. AQI thugs are running around threatening and killing everybody—good guys (ok, it’s all relative), bad guys, you name it. So what’s another thug supposed to do? As Roggio reports, the owner of the Al-Zawraa station (who used to be pretty chummy with the AQI thugs, BTW), laid it on the line and on the air a couple of months ago with a long list of complaints about AQI’s behavior: threatening anyone and everyone, vicious murders, kidnappings, all manner of intimidation and lawlessness, and interestingly enough, plans to use Iraq as a stepping stone to attack other nations.

However, as he correctly points out, neither the local sheikhs who are battling AQI nor the insurgent groups who are distancing themselves from foreign-led terrorists are our friends. IAI are very bad guys in their own right. All of them want us out, of course, but for now they’ll be happy to use us in fighting AQI. Guys, if you could just get it together and run your country without brutalizing the citizenry and leaving the back door wide open for naughty neighbors, we’d really like to be out, too.

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